Our Industry Partners

Specialised services

when you need them

Our ecommerce industry partners are businesses providing specialised services at the same
high level of engagement you can expect from us.

We partner with the following trusted business to provide extended specialised services:

Smartebusiness provide a range of proven strategies that provide a return on investment for our clients. They offer a range of eMarketing plans that have successfully promoted products and services for B2B & B2C clients using SEO, PPC, SMM, email marketing, affiliate marketing, SMS technologies, viral campaigns, contextual networks and remarketing campaigns.

SiteHost are dedicated to providing reliable, innovative and effective hosting solutions that are competitively priced. Their technical knowledge and cutting-edge technology combined with their great customer service make them the perfect hosting provider for complex hosting requirements.

Moco Insight is a turn key Magento reporting platform that gives you standard reports, a custom report builder and an actionable insights engine. With the additional reporting features, Moco Insight perfectly augments your essential reporting requirements giving you the power of building your own custom reports. Additionally, Moco Insight is the perfect partner technology for MailChimp, allowing you to automate the results of your reporting and insights analytics and target your customer base with relevant campaigns.

Dotmailer is a marketing automation platform that allows you to manage all stages of your email campaign activity, and integrates seamlessly into your Magento administrative interface. Dotmailer will fulfil and exceed all your marketing requirements, and will poise    scenarios based on near real time sales and behavioural data from your Magento websites.

SLI Learning Search is a hosted site search solution that uses SLI Systems’ patented learning platform to provide the most relevant search results. It continually learns and improves search relevancy from site search activity by tracking visitors’ search queries and click-throughs. SLI Learning Search returns the best possible search results, helping visitors find what they’re looking for, retaining customers, and increasing sales.

Learning Search is Different. Standard site search technologies deliver results based on simple text matching or complex natural language algorithms that behave like black boxes, not from user behaviour analysis and understanding. SLI Learning Search tracks every query and click-through to improve relevance and reduce the time it takes visitors to find what they are looking for.

LookDepot is focused on using market leading technology for retail product photography, publishing and multi-channel workflow. LookDepot is the sole distributor of StyleShoots, Mockshop, Shopshape & Matrix CMS systems for Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand.

StyleShoots system was developed by Matrix CMS, a fully integrated and comprehensive Digital Asset Management solution. Matrix links digital assets to the build-in PIM system, which uses metadata to find assets. Providing one master set of digital assets for a company, ensuring that everyone is working with the correct version.

DPS Payment Express  are Australasia’s leading, trusted payment gateway providers who provide merchants online services for accepting electronic payments for a variety of payment methods including credit card, direct debit, bank transfer, and real-time bank transfer based on online banking.